John Marshall Barber Shop
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Located on Fifth Street between Franklin and Grace
in downtown Richmond, Virginia.

Cuts $24.00 | Cut & Shampoo $30.00 | Cut & Shave $45.00 | Shaves $22.00 | Shines $7.00

Hugh Campbell - Owner & Head Barber
Serving Clients for 55 years.
Mara Leocadio - Barber
Serving Clients for 8 years.
Victor Gonzalez - Barber
Serving Clients for 10 years.
Mr. Winston - Shoe Shines
Serving Clients for 7 years.

What People Are Saying...

Mara is an exceptional barber. She treats each haircut like it is a work of art and truly makes you feel like she cares...
Online Reviewer
Online Reviewer
Great place for a traditional haircut. The atmosphere was appropriate and everyone was friendly. I was worried about walking out looking like some military private but the Barber listen to my request and did a great job...
Online Reviewer
Online Reviewer
Phenomenal Barber. I have never walked out of a barber shop with a haircut that I loved immediately and days after, but John Marshall Barber Shop really delivers both...
Online Reviewer
Online Reviewer
Classic Barber Services
Shaves, Haircuts, Beard Trimming, Shoe Shines and all the classic treatments...